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Elements of a Good Website Design

In the modern world today, having a website is not a must. Your website acts as your business card for consumers to learn, communicate, and avail your products and services. But with the pool of websites available online, how do you make your website standout? A good website design is the answer to that.

Having a good website design is elemental for success in business. The website entails more than what you see. There are many elements that factor in guaranteeing efficiency and the best results. Here are the elements of a good website design that will boost your business to the next level:


Simplicity is Key

Simple is always appealing. When there are too many complexities involved in a website design, it gets crowded. Having too many elements makes the page busy and confusing. Even when a website design is simple, it can still be effective.

With a fresh and clean aesthetics, visitors will be at ease with what they see. They will not get lost in the page and you can easily serve the purpose of the page. If you think about user experience, keeping a website design simple is the best way to go.


Make it Easy to Navigate

If you want to keep your visitors on your website, have an easy-to-use website. Visitors check and go around your website by navigating it. If your website is simple to navigate, expect people to find what they are looking for and stay for good.

Providing an intuitive, simple, and consistent navigation for every page of the website will ensure that visitors enjoy and won’t get lost in your website. Make it a standard to let visitors find what they are looking for within three clicks.


Readability is Key

People these days are easily bored. If they find your website too confusing, they will leave you in an instant. Make your website more readable by using an F-based pattern so people can scan the text on your website. This way, even if they are in a rush, they will still find the time to check your website.


Make Pages Load Faster

No one likes waiting. The same goes when waiting for a website page to load. Web visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. Otherwise, they’ll be gone. Optimize images to ensure that your website will load faster.

Take every essential step to reduce load time and to keep your visitors on your website. Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for improved loading speed.


Create a Focal Point

Arrange the elements in the website in order. It depends on however you want to rank elements. You can do this by color, contrast, size, white space, imagery, typography, style, or texture. Just make a focal point that will direct visitors on the most critical information on the page.


Have a Grid-Based Layout

Keeping designs and elements organized in a page makes a clean and clear website. Follow a grid-based layout to align and keep elements together. The layout helps in structuring, lining up, and keeping the balance and order in the website to make it pleasing and attractive to the eyes.


Make it Mobile-Friendly

A responsive and mobile friendly website is important. More and more people are using their phones and gadgets when checking and browsing the Internet. Having a website design that automatically adjusts and responds to every screen size is vital to attract and engage visitors to your website.

Make sure your website supports all screen sizes and that it displays as it should. If you fail on this, you risk losing your visitors to your competitors. Having a mobile-friendly website design is critical to keep visitors and attract leads.


A Good Website Design is Within Reach

All elements tackled above are important to achieve a good website design. Remember your website is the first touch point of consumers into your business; make it memorable. Having a good website design will keep consumers engaged and coming back for more.

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